Target Growth Portfolios

From market-timing to fundamental value investing

Many ways to achieve growth

A very large number of investment managers in Poland and around the world try to "beat the market" - have returns that are better than the return of a market index. This is called active investment management; as opposed to passive management, which only tries to replicate the market as closely as possible. At Intercapital Markets we are active managers. With our Target Growth Portfolios we try to deliver returns that are higher than the respective market. Furthermore, for most of our Growth Portfolios we aim at achieving higher returns on an absolute basis, which means without adjusting for risk.

Active fund managers use many different approaches to achieve higher returns. We are humble enough to know that there is no such a thing as a strategy that works all the time. This is why we offer our clients a great variety of choice. The different strategies used in the various portfolios try to benefit from the strengths and experience of our portfolios managers.

  • Market Timing - Our Poland Market Timing Portfolio looks to achieve higher absolute returns by timing correctly investments in individual stocks.
  • Fundamental growth stories - Our Poland and Global Growth Stocks Portfolio looks to economies, sectors and companies that are expected to have higher growth of economic activity and company revenues. The Portfolio is invested in stocks of such companies with the expectation that stock prices will reflect the fundamentals over the medium term. 
  • Value stocks - our Global Value Stocks Portfolio identifies companies that are trading at lower market multiples compared to their peers (lower Price/Earnings or Price/Sales Ratios). From that universe of potential investments the portfolio looks for turn-around stories, or other reasons why the companies market valuation may change in the short to medium term. 



Full list of Target Growth Portfolios

Please see below the full list of the Target Growth Portfolios we currently offer. Please read the Investment Policy Statements and other details about each Portfolio

  • Poland Market Timing
  • Poland and Global Growth Stocks
  • Global Value Stocks